Book Idea 5: The Fish Man

About This Idea:

The Fish Man (Which is definitely not the final title!) is another idea that I started when I was young, then rediscovered recently. However, the original root of the idea was missing something, I felt. So I eventually combined it with another small idea, and now it feels much more whole and satisfying.


Stella would say her life was going pretty well. Decent grades, popular friends, and even a successful work experience placement. But when that leads to a full time job, a shock incident is the catalyst that unravels Stella’s perfect life over the course of two years, till she’s ready to make a drastic decision. When a face from her past shows up with an unusual deal, will it be enough to change her mind?

Musical Inspiration:

Here is the playlist (Link) for this story!

This playlist is a lot shorter than the others at the moment, but it will grow alongside the story. So far, the bulk of the music for this idea will be from Shinee, a band which is very close to my heart.

The main theme for this idea is ‘데리러 가’ (Good Evening) by Shinee.

The upbeat theme for this idea is ‘Lifted’ by Joy Club & TIEKS.


I think this one is definitely just a drama. It’s perhaps a bit more serious than some of my other ideas, but not too much.


I don’t have one yet, but when I do, I’ll be sure to put it here!