First Ever Short Story Attempt & Book Excerpt!

So recently I was having a read of some writing blogs, when I came across a post about short stories. It was a topic I hadn’t thought about in years, since I was at school. After reading through, I thought more about short stories, and I remembered enjoying them in my English class, although weContinue reading “First Ever Short Story Attempt & Book Excerpt!”

A Few Festive Writing Feats!

So this week marks the time of year where it is now acceptable for me to unleash all of my pent up Christmas excitement. The 3 trees are up, the paper chains are hanging, the snowflakes are in the process of ‘falling’ onto my windows, and I am loving it! On top of (or maybeContinue reading “A Few Festive Writing Feats!”

The Necessary Nuisance of Naming

So I’ve been feeling a bit better about writing in the past few days. I think making a post about creative drought did me a favour, I got all those nagging feelings vented out and admitted what needed to change. Since then, I’ve been more relaxed, and I can feel sprinkles of inspiration coming back.Continue reading “The Necessary Nuisance of Naming”