The Strange Thing About Sequels + Photo Prompt!

So over the past few weeks, despite telling myself that I should be editing the book that I actually finished last year, I’ve ended up doing nothing of the sort. Instead, I’ve written out the entire plan for the sequel to a different book- one which I haven’t even started yet. It seems like ifContinue reading “The Strange Thing About Sequels + Photo Prompt!”

In Time for Taps Aff! + Photo Prompt

Well it’s more than overdue, but just this week in my little village, we finally reached a very special time of year… A time when you can walk around comfortably in only one layer. When you can proudly show off your newly acquired lobster colour, and talk everyone’s ears off about how roasting it is.Continue reading “In Time for Taps Aff! + Photo Prompt”

A Satisfying Springtime

So it’s been quite a while since I’ve posted anything, but for once it isn’t because I’ve been sitting around not knowing what to do with myself. Indeed this time, I’ve been busy… Some of the things I’ve been busy with aren’t exactly what you’d call interesting. For one, I’ve had a huge problem withContinue reading “A Satisfying Springtime”

The Year’s First Fortnight

So we’re now half a month into 2023, and things were going really really well with my resolutions… until they suddenly weren’t! But it’s not been all bad though, I’ve still got writing news to share… In the first week of January, after making a resolution to continue with my hobbies and projects, I startedContinue reading “The Year’s First Fortnight”

A 50th Post Fiasco! + Photo Prompt!

So after I did last week’s post, WordPress notified me that it was actually my 50th one, which just about coincided with the 1 year anniversary of the blog too! Unfortunately, it was a kind of dour post, which is a shame for that kind of milestone. However… I’m here to make up for itContinue reading “A 50th Post Fiasco! + Photo Prompt!”

The Storm After the Calm + Photo Prompt!

So it’s been just over a week now since I finally finished the book, and all the fun and excitement has had a bit of time to die down, leaving behind something more… unexpected. The very next morning after completing the book, I noticed that I had an incredibly bad migraine. At first, I justContinue reading “The Storm After the Calm + Photo Prompt!”

So I Actually Finished the Book!

I can’t really believe it’s true, but last week I finished the first draft of my book! It was at 4:00 AM on the 29th of September that the very last sentence was finished, and afterwards I just sat there for a moment. I actually did it! The first draft ended up at 79,600 words,Continue reading “So I Actually Finished the Book!”

Hurtling Towards Halfway + Photo Prompt

So I’ve had a very busy few weeks, and for once, it wasn’t because of some external factor like housework or stress. No, this time, I’ve actually been busy… writing! That might not seem particularly surprising. I mean, it is what I’m supposed to be doing! But very rarely do things actually happen like they’reContinue reading “Hurtling Towards Halfway + Photo Prompt”

One Year In Writing + Photo Prompt & Poem

So this week, it’ll be just over a year since I really, properly started trying to write a book, instead of just floating the idea around! At the time, I gave myself a goal of 6 weeks to get it finished. Having never written anything before, I had no idea how ridiculous of a goalContinue reading “One Year In Writing + Photo Prompt & Poem”

An Attempt At Art + Photo Prompt & Poem!

So this week I’ve been continuing with my third book idea, but I decided to save the real big progress update till next week, when it’ll be exactly a year since I started writing. Instead, this time I did some fun side-quest stuff, and made some sketches and props for the book! In the majorityContinue reading “An Attempt At Art + Photo Prompt & Poem!”