Book Idea 3: Satellite

About This Idea:

Satellite was the first idea I had in my adult life, and the one that made me even consider writing in the first place! It came to me at random while on the train to Carlisle, and I couldn’t stop thinking about it for weeks until I finally took the plunge and wrote it down, I’ve been writing ever since!

The idea is mostly focused on the one character, but there are a handful of recurring characters too, though they are quite minor.

Also, it’s going to be a trilogy, with all 3 books continuing the same story.


Young teen Silver plans to run away with her best (and only) friend. When their last night in the country leads to Silver being blessed with (cursed by, if you ask her) a superpower, things get complicated.

Musical Inspiration!

Here is the playlist (Link) for this story!

The overall themes for the idea are, ‘Move’, ‘Want’ and ‘Criminal’ by Taemin.

The theme for the ending is ‘Look At The Sky’ by Porter Robinson.


This one is definitely in the superhero genre, but I’d say it probably classes as a drama as well.