Book Idea 2: Look At The Sky

About This Idea:

‘Look At The Sky’, which is a working title, was the second idea that came to me as an adult, flying into my brain out of the blue on the bus home! Due to roadworks the bus had to take a different road than usual, and it was the scenery on this road that launched this idea into my mind. It’s strange to think that if it wasn’t for the chance circumstances of the bus diversion, I wouldn’t have had this idea that I’m now so fond of! Life is funny that way sometimes.


As a young girl, Vallory lives a quiet life, playing with animals and helping her parents with their farm. Her only excitement is to watch when the meteors fall far in the distance, sent by the Gods to punish the city dwellers. But when tragedy strikes her family, Vallory must go out on a journey, and get closer to the sinful city than she had ever imagined.

Musical Inspiration:

This idea has a playlist (Link) that I’m really happy with, I think it fits the story well.

The characters’ theme is ‘Wherever You Go’ by Alok and John Martin

The theme for action scenes is ‘Atlantis’ by Shinee

The theme for emotional scenes is ‘Holy Water’ by Galantis

And finally the ending theme is ‘Next To Me’ by Valiant!


This one is a bit easier to categorise without spoilers thankfully!

It’s definitely a Fantasy and Adventure, but it’s got a bit of Sci-Fi in there too.


I haven’t got one yet, but when I do I’ll be sure to put it here!