Book Idea 8: Ember

About this Idea:

‘Ember’ which is a working title, is my most recent idea, and just like the last one, came from a horrible nightmare that I had out of the blue last week. It’s my first attempt at a horror story, which is very exciting for me. This one is also very personal to my own life and younger days, which makes it both difficult, and cathartic to write. My goal for the scariness of the story is to create an uncomfortable atmosphere, so hopefully I can make things eerie enough!


At 28, Ricki thought she had gladly left her school days far behind, but when an unexpected letter invites her to a reunion, she finds herself unable to resist a chance to prove to everyone how successful she’s become.

As the night takes a darker turn, Ricki is forced to confront the one place she swore she was done with.


This one is definitely a horror story. I’d say there’s maybe a bit of drama in there too, but it’s certainly predominantly horror. At least, I hope so!

Musical Inspiration!

Here is the playlist (Link) for this story!

Each of the 10 chapters has its own song to represent it, and the selection of songs comes straight from my own early school days, which is very nostalgic for me!


I don’t have one yet, but when I do, I’ll be sure to put it here!