Third Book Lucky + Poem & Photo Prompt!

Its good to be back! And I’ve certainly been busy! A lot of my time over the past month has been taken up with fixing up my garden and redecorating my bedroom, and I know I’ve been rather neglecting my blog posts. (Which I definitely want to talk about later) But between all the house-y stuff, I have managed to find the time for a new exciting writing project…

So in my last post (which was over a month ago now, oops.) I talked about having another new idea that I didn’t plan on, and how I was scared of the ‘horror’ label because I wasn’t sure if I could be scary. Since that post, the idea stayed in my head, and I decided to begin working on it. I was wanting to keep going with the ideas that I already had done the most planning done for, considering this one was still a bare bones skeleton of a plot at the time. But, my brain is like a stubborn donkey, and when it decides on something, there’s no point arguing with it!

As the plot came to life I realised that this was going to be a much simpler idea than some of my others. It’s a one story, one setting, one goal kind of thing. Also, because of this particular setting, the story is clearly and neatly divided into 10 chapters, with a few on either side for introduction and an epilogue. Thankfully this made the structure really easy to formulate, and the planning stage fell in to place in a flash.

With that done, the next step was to start writing. But I had two book ideas on the go that I’d already started! Still, the heart wants what it wants, so I began the first line of the opening scene last week, and since then, I’ve managed to finish chapter 1, coming in just under 5000 words!

So, this is the third book idea that I’ve actually made a proper start on, but will it be the first one to make it to the finish line? To be honest, it’s nearly impossible for me to tell. But, I am having a really good time writing this one at the moment, (possibly because of the playlist, which is mostly just Muse songs.) so that’s good enough for me. Mind you, this is number 3, and 3 is a lucky number, so if any of my ideas has the chance to actually get finished, it could well be this one…

Although I’ve been making some steady progress with the creative writing side of things, unfortunately, the same can’t be said for my blog posts this month!

That’s definitely not because I’ve lost interest though, in fact, I’ve really missed doing it. Every Tuesday I’ve been lingering at my computer wanting to start a post like usual!

The first week, I was just genuinely too busy; all my time had been eaten up doing painting and decorating. But the week after that, although I had more time, I didn’t feel like I’d made a big enough chunk of progress to fill a whole post.

Before, when that happened, I’d usually write about something else that I’d seen or been thinking about, but because I can’t go 5 minutes without worrying about something, I started to wonder if going off topic like that was a bad thing.

I see a lot of advice saying that a YouTube channel or blog or website, or anything like that should stick to one subject, (mine being writing in general). And while that might work well for some people, sometimes I just haven’t done enough writing to write about. But that doesn’t mean I don’t want to write about something else…

I like to talk, a lot, I’m probably one of those people that you dread meeting in the supermarket because they can talk non stop for hours! So I’m never short of things to do a post about, but as usual, I have to stop worrying! (Seriously, I might change my name from World’s Worst Writer, to World’s Worst Worrier.)

Also, I think I’m pretty lucky to have chosen the broad subject of writing for my blog theme, because there’s a bit of a loophole to it… Even if I haven’t made much progress with any of my ideas on a given week, writing a post about anything still counts as a fun writing exercise, so that way, the post itself is my writing progress…. Sneaky, eh?

With that said, by the time next Tuesday comes, I actually will have some idea progress to write about, so I’ll definitely be back then. Thanks for reading!

Photo Prompt!

So In my last post I showed a picture of a little cocoon that I found amongst the soil while digging. I’m very pleased to say that it actually hatched! I had been hoping to set up a camera and get a video of the process, but the day came a lot quicker than I expected and it ended up being a surprise.

One morning I woke up as usual, pulled back the covers and saw a big chunky moth sleeping in with us! I rushed downstairs to where I had been keeping the cocoon and sure enough, he had hatched, then made his way upstairs and found us! We took some pictures with him and then turned him loose so he could find a mate. It was a bit bittersweet and he didn’t seem eager to leave us, but he needed to go and find a buddy in the wild, so we set him on the tree in our front garden and wished him well.

Here he is compared to his empty cocoon!


Like the fickle lady I am, Undertaking tasks is a temporary business.

Certainty is uncertain,

Knowing the outcome is impossible.

Yearning for the next job as soon as I start.

Now I have the chance to finish something,

Unless my mind takes a wander again.

Making promises would

Be unwise given my writing history.

Every time feels like the time that I’ll make it.

Right now though, I think this is the one…

Thank you very much for reading!


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