Headway in May! + Poem & Photo Prompt

So this week I’ve got a bit of good news. After all the stress about cleaning was over, I finally started to get some proper writing done, and I’m pleased to say that I’ve finished 2000 words of a new book!

A few months ago I made a post about whether it was a good or bad idea to work on multiple story ideas at once. At the time, I was worried that I would lose interest in some of them, or that I would somehow forget how I wanted to write.

Since then, I’ve become a lot more comfortable with writing, and I’m now leaning towards a ‘go with the flow’ mentality.

I had been sticking to writing my first book idea only for a long time, and I managed to get about 23,000 words done. But all of a sudden, I started feeling inspiration for one of the other ones. I took a chance on it, and before I knew it, I had written out a 16000 word plan of the story, scene by scene, the characters and the settings.

If I had stuck to writing down the first idea only, all of those notes would probably have gotten lost in the back of my mind, which is kind of sad to think about.

So instead of giving myself rules, I just decided to let my mind go free, and work at its own pace. As I’ve learned, creative endeavours like writing never go well if you force them, so from now on, I’m just going to write whichever story I’m feeling drawn towards that day.

There’s a chance it could get a bit crazy, as I’ve got 7 separate stories to finish, but a little bit of madness is good sometimes!

So with that in mind, this week I started and finished the first scene of one of my other ideas. I’m really happy with how it came out, and I was feeling myself getting into that passionate stage again, having to tear myself away from the computer at 1:AM to go to bed, or I might have just stayed awake all night!

Apart from that, I spent a bit of time tidying up my website this week. Since I’ve committed to doing all of the ideas at once, I thought it was about time I gave them all a blurb. So I created a little profile page for each idea, with a plot summary and a few details like genre, etc.

This was a bit of a shorter post than usual, but I was just so happy about finally making some progress for the first time in ages!

Photo Prompt!

Recently I’ve been enjoying feeding the local birds and watching them from my back garden. However, I noticed my feeder kept suspiciously falling off from the hook I’d set it on. The thing had survived 3 red alert storms without budging, so I was curious as to why it was suddenly falling every day…

It turns out, there was a group of Rooks that had worked out that they were too big to use the feeder properly, and so had learned how to lift it off the hook and fling it to the ground, knocking out all the nuts. I’m not at all mad at them though, I’m completely in awe of how clever they are!


Perhaps it’s the time off,

Resting my mind for a while.

Or was it a flash of inspiration?

Getting back to writing never felt so good.

Ready to finish every single idea,

Each story planned out down to the scene.

Some of them need a bit more work than others,

So I’d better get back to it!

Thanks for reading!


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6 thoughts on “Headway in May! + Poem & Photo Prompt

  1. Im the same way, Ive always got multiple story ideas rolling ar, but also trying to stick to and finish my current WIP. But I also allow freedom to drift to other creative projects. I think the act of creating, makescone more creative, so playing with an idea, and actively working on a main project go hand in hand. They fuel each other, and who knows, you might stumble onto something great in the mean time!

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  2. Seems like you’re really enjoying writing lately. I agree, the more you write, the more ideas come.

    Corvids are very smart. The neurons in their brains are more densely packed than ours, so although their brains are small, they are definietly intelligent and good problem solvers.


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