Badgered by my own Brain + Photo Prompt & Poem!

So this week I still haven’t been able to get my new idea out of my head.

I wondered if I should try and focus on the story I’ve made progress on already, but this new one just won’t leave me alone! (In a good way)

I think about it when I go to sleep, and when I wake up too, and then throughout the whole day! Sometimes I’ll be eating my lunch (cheese and pickle sandwich), watching gameshows, when all of a sudden I’m thinking about that idea again.

It’s like I’ve got a little ghost around the house that keeps whispering at me to keep thinking about it.

This happened once before, when I started feeling a lot of inspiration for a different idea, (when I kept going to Lidl, of all places), and that time, I took notes down of what I was thinking, just so I didn’t forget anything, but I stopped myself from actually starting to the write the book.

I did want to start it, and I played around with some ideas of what the opening scene should be, but in the end, I never really settled on anything. Mostly because I was worried about the prospect of writing two stories at once.

Would I lose passion for either of them? Would I suddenly forget how to write the different characters?

I didn’t know if it was something that people do, or was it a general rule that you shouldn’t attempt that?

I chickened out anyway, ignored myself, and thought that I probably shouldn’t even try it.

However, this week, while in Lidl again funnily enough, I had a sudden realisation of what the opening scene for this brand new idea should be. It fit perfectly with the rest of the story, and would hopefully be quite attention-grabbing.

I even planned out exactly what it would look like as a movie (quite a pipe dream, I know, but you’ve got to stay optimistic!)

This time was different than the last though, the temptation was too much, and I started writing the opening.

I couldn’t even wait till we got home, the first line appeared in my head and I had to stop walking in the middle of the town, find a wall to sit on and note it down!

When I did get home, I ended up finishing the scene, and I was really pleased with it. I showed my husband (although I’ve still managed to hide the plot twist from him), and he said, ‘please keep going’, which I think is a good sign, though he might be a bit biased!

Well, it’s been a week since I started to write this new idea alongside my other one, and I’m really glad to say, that my worries were unnecessary!

I haven’t lost interest in my other stories, and I haven’t forgotten what my other characters feel like, and I have the confidence to know I’m not doing something wrong!

There’s one thing I can say really made this work for me, and that is my music playlists.

I talk about them a lot, but they’re the thing that made it easy to switch between ideas, so I can’t really give enough praise to music! I’ve formed such a strong association between certain songs and certain ideas, that listening to the right ones immediately put me in the mindset I need at a specific time, and I feel really lucky to have that.

So overall, I’m really glad I took the chance this time and started writing my new idea. From now on, I’m going to keep going with this new one, and my original one too, so I’ll add a new word count alongside the old one!

I’ve also added a new word count for my language challenge, which I’ve been keeping up with a bit at a time as well, I’m at 544 words right now, and I’ve been making a little translation/dictionary on Microsoft Word, which has been fun!

I think what I’ve learned this week, is that we should listen to our instincts, as cheesy as that sounds! Something inside my mind kept telling me to go for it, and if I hadn’t listened, I might never have got that opening scene that I’m really happy with.

So I’ll try not to over worry, and overthink, and not to stress over rules of what to do and not to do. Ultimately the rules and recommendations for creative endeavours aren’t right for everyone, so if your heart is telling you to do something your own way, go for it!

In other news, I got my 3rd video finished this week. I was a bit close to the deadline this time, (I finished it like 10 minutes ago) but I’m still glad to have done it!

Photo Prompt!

So this time the photo is actually a painting that I did this week. I’m not sure exactly what made me think to do this (was I thinking about penguins a lot or something?), and it’s quite simple, but it might be mildly interesting.


In times when you’re not sure

Nothing is more reliable than instincts.

Stick to your guns,

Things will usually turn out ok.

It’s harder said than done,

Nobody is more guilty of worrying than me.

Creative ventures should be fun, most of all,

They can be excitement and inspiration, or

Soothing for a stressed-out soul.


Published by Wryter Worldsworst

Young writer, totally unqualified, possibly awful.

6 thoughts on “Badgered by my own Brain + Photo Prompt & Poem!

  1. Your photo prompt is cute. I’m thinking of how many of those little fish that penguin could scoff.

    When an idea won’t quit your head, you should pursue it. Your previous story won’t go anywhere, it’ll wait.

    Anyway, interesting read as always.



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