A Craving for the Countryside + Poem & Photo Prompt

So a few days ago I saw a woman’s photograph online of the Scottish countryside, it was really beautiful, and it gave me such a strong sense of longing and nostalgia that it almost hurt. I began looking through my own pictures of the country areas that I used to go to, and it just made the feeling stronger!

It was such a relaxing experience to just be there and take pictures, that for my birthdays as a kid, the thing I asked for the most was to be driven up there for the day!

Even now, I can’t tell what the area was called, and I can’t find it on the map, but I know how to get there. There’s a little town named Creetown around 1hr away from my house, and behind it, there’s a winding country road that eventually seems to lead out of civilization. If you go far enough along, you can find what is, (in my opinion) some of the most beautiful scenery in the whole country.

The pictures I’ve taken really don’t do it justice. It’s not as dramatic, or as grand as the Highlands. The mountains are really more like hills instead, and snow is much rarer, but I feel it’s got it’s own, very special charm.

There’s something slightly mystical about the area. Once you get past the little town, Creetown, the houses get more spaced out, then even the farms become a rarity, then you really reach the deep, untouched countryside. When you go there, it’s pretty likely you’ll be the only humans around for miles. However, there’s plenty of little creatures and animal sounds in the distance to keep you company.

After looking at all the photos, and thinking about how it felt to be there, I had such a strong feeling of excitement and inspiration, on top of an intense urge to go back again. Without realising, I was starting to think about a new story idea.

Unlike the other ones, I haven’t finalised any details yet, but there would be something about a man or boy who feels pulled to this place but doesn’t understand why. And there would be some type of magical or fantasy aspect to it. I’d like to come up with some of my own creature designs that would fit into this setting, since that’s something I haven’t got to do with any of my other ideas.

I decided straight away that I wanted this to be a fantasy idea, because of the strong mystical vibe I feel from the area. It’s hard to explain why, but each time I’ve been there it feels like I’m not in the real world anymore, if that makes sense? Maybe it’s the mist, or maybe it’s the sparkly ice, I’m not sure! I can picture the mossy logs and stones transforming into little critters or something, but the actual plot of the story will come along later.

Other than magic, the biggest factor in this idea would be the season of Winter. All of the pictures that I’ve taken here were during Winter, with no exceptions. In the other seasons, it’s still very beautiful, but some of the sparkle and magic is gone.

In Winter, it’s always frosty there in the mornings, even if it’s not snowing. Everything is covered in a little layer of icy sparkles, like nature’s own glitter. The air is crisp then too, and the sky is a crystal, sharp blue which is stunning against the clouds. There’s something about the sunshine at that time of year which really is lovely to me. I think it’s the contrast between the cold temperature, with the bold, clear sunlight.

The seasons would be an important part of the plot, since they’re a big part of what makes the whole place so special to me. For that reason, the story will be called Winter Sun, or Winter’s Son.

I’m not going to worry too much about coming up with the plot straight away, especially since I’m working on a different story right now. It’s just nice to have the idea there in the back of my head, (and on a Word document) to come back to if the woodland mood ever strikes me again.

Sadly though, since it’s so far away and in the middle of nowhere, it’s completely impossible to get there without a car. And unfortunately, I don’t have one! Even more unfortunately, cars are very far out of budget at the moment, so it’ll likely be a long time till I can physically return to this place.

I think that’ll be a pretty good motivation to work hard, and to save up for driving lessons! I need to get back there for more inspiration for the story idea, but I also need to show my husband around, since he’s never experienced it’s wintry wonder in real life, only through some of my photos, which just can’t compare to the real thing.

Oh well, I’d better get to work and start saving hard! Thanks for reading!

Photo Prompt!

This time, I think that the photo prompt should be any of the pictures I used for the post, since they just gave me an idea a few days ago, so it seems appropriate!

Christmas Acrostic!

Given the ‘nature’ of this post, (pun intended!) I feel like I should use a plant themed word for today’s poem:

However much I enjoy the other seasons,

Only Winter gives me the feeling of true magic.

Like I can believe in a mythical gift-giving man, and his

Levitating reindeer powered sleigh.

Youthful feelings come back in full force.

Believing is for children, some might say, but

Underneath the cynical shell,

Stories and fables can be for everyone.

However old or young you might be!

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Young writer, totally unqualified, possibly awful.

22 thoughts on “A Craving for the Countryside + Poem & Photo Prompt

  1. Lovely photographs. I now feel as though I’ve been on a holiday! I so want to venture out again… just when it looks like we’re in for another lockdown. I’ve always had a rubbish sense of timing. And you’re absolutely right, only winter gives the sense of true magic. I’m always surprised at the amount of colour in nature during the winter months. It’s not all doom and gloom. Just today, on my walk, I saw tiny berries with a pink tinge, hidden in amongst a whole load of shrubbery. Absolutely beautiful.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you very much! Yeah I’d love to get out more too, another lockdown would be heartbreaking for a lot of people I think, it’s been so long now.
      I agree, Winter is amazing, the cold and icy parts are nice, but there’s a lot more to it too!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You’re so welcome!

        I read a bit about your latest post. So I thought I’d comment on this comment. I think sometimes it’s really good to take breaks from writing, especially if you’ve been pushing yourself to write

        Sometimes I want to write, but my brain won’t come up with anything

        And other times, I can write without even trying

        Breaks are good!


      2. Exactly!

        But I do understand that it can be difficult to give ourselves breaks sometimes. Especially in a world that tells people they need to constantly be working for what they want in their lives

        But if someone is able to give themselves some peace somehow, even just for a brief moment, it’s good 🙂


      3. Exactly 🙂 I understand that it can be hard if people have people in their lives telling them different things, but I just want to see everyone healing and okay


  2. Your poem is a lovely sentiment, we’re never too old for dreams or stories.

    The photos are stunning, it looks like a special. Thanks for sharing. I’m glad you felt inspired. I too have written fantasy fiction after being inspired by the Galloway landscape, there is something magical about it, isn’t there? I do hope you get a chance to return there, good luck with the driving lessons.


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