Month Five Fiesta! + Poem & Photo Prompt!

So yesterday was the 16th of December, which means it’s been exactly 5 months since I started writing a book for the first time. I definitely had some unrealistic expectations and I had a lot to learn, especially about how long the process would take. I’m actually not as far along as I thought I would be when I first started, but I began to accept that that’s ok, because I’ve really enjoyed the journey so far, and I’m glad that I’ve done it.

As a person who had never written more than 1000 words at a time before, I really didn’t have a clue what was going to happen. I kind of thought that everything would just flow straight out of my brain and I’d probably be finished within a couple of months. But for me at least, it certainly didn’t work like that!

Something I was really surprised about was writer’s block. I had planned out every single plot point of the story, I knew exactly what I wanted the characters to do and be, and I had already decided the ending. But despite all that, I’ve still been totally stumped by writer’s block quite often.

I think the biggest help for that, has been my playlist of music that goes alongside this story. It puts me in the right mind to think, and helps me visualise the scenes so much better. After creating it, I noticed I was able to get started much quicker actually writing stuff down, instead of what I used to do, which was procrastinate for hours on the computer while saying ‘I don’t know what to write!’

So my current word count has gotten up to 21,000. I was pretty busy this week with Christmas stuff, which has been a lot of fun, but despite having the urge to write, I haven’t always had the time, which is why I’ve only managed about 1,000 words since the last post.

I feel a lot more relaxed about slow word count progress than I used to though, now just having the urge to write feels like a win in itself, since it proves to myself that I’m not giving up, even on a busy day.

So overall, I’m actually around 75,000 words behind where I expected to be when I first started! But that’s ok, because I’ve learned how hard it really is to write, and I’ve also learned to be a lot nicer to myself about goals and productivity, which I think is important.

But the real MVP of this month is definitely not me, not by a long shot. It’s the music!

Honestly, without the music I love, I don’t think I’d even have been able to cross over into 20,000 at all. I’m pretty certain I’d still be stuck with writer’s block and a lack of motivation like I was in November! So I have to thank all my favourite musicians for giving me a huge help out, and for somehow capturing the exact vibe of the story I’m trying to tell!

Christmas Acrostic:

Piece by piece they pile up under the tree.

Ready to be opened eagerly.

Each gift wrapped and ribboned,

Soon the paper and bows will be sent flying off.

Even if they aren’t too expensive, the

Novelty of presents is always exciting.

Though the best part of the day is,

Seeing every smile afterwards.

This week I finished all of my gift wrapping and ribbon curling, so ‘presents’ was inevitable for my choice of word this time!

Photo Prompt!

So many of my photo prompts so far seem to be related to food/drink stuff! What is this blue liquid and why is it sitting on someone’s doorstep? Who took this trolley out of Sainsbury’s or how did it end up near the river?

I’m not sure… but thank you for reading!


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18 thoughts on “Month Five Fiesta! + Poem & Photo Prompt!

  1. Since putting coin slots on supermarket trolleys, this is a much rarer sight these days. They used to be everywhere, Maybe deposits on packaging would reduce litter! Interesting how your personal motivator is music. Good luck with the book and remember quality trumps quantity every time!

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  2. Keep up the great work! And don’t stress too much about writer’s block. It happens to everyone. I have a professional writer friend who has about a dozen books published, and he is stuck on his current manuscript. I’m glad you found music to help you! -Susan

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  3. I think it is awesome you are attempting your first book. What is the title and what is it about? Maybe you could try “Panster” writing instead of plotting everything out in detail. When i wrote my first book i tried it the plotting every single thing out and i suffered from writers block alot! Now though i do most of my writing in panster mode. I plot out names and sex of characters and basics about the plot and theme and then i just let my mind go wild and write as fast as i can type. I found that this method of writing suited me best. Maybe it would for you especially since you aren’t as far along as you had hoped you would be. I know most people say plot every single thing but sometimes that doesn’t always work for everyone. Panster writing is for the rest of us. Just a bit of advice, you by no means have to follow it. But congrats on getting 21,000 words so far that is awesome. Great job!

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    1. Thank you very much for commenting! The title is ‘Bound’, and the story is about a bookstore and a girl that comes to work there. I had never heard of Panster before, but I might give it a try! Lately I’ve been straying away from my plans, which has been both daunting and freeing. Thanks again! : )


  4. Congrats on hitting 20k (and beyond). Take whatever inspiration you can find and use it to its fullest. I pretty much always have music on when writing, and have a very hard time writing when someone is in the room with me. So I tend to seclude myself. This month, I took on streaming writing (ironically), to give myself more accountability in writing daily and I’ve found that I have my largest production when doing so. Maybe that’s because I’m still writing by myself (0 viewers for the most part), but something about being able to go back and look at how I wrote has been helpful.

    Good luck on the rest of your project. My one bit of advice (from an unpublished author) is to worry less about the total word count (or your anticipated total word count), and just focus on finishing. If that means it is done at 25k – fine. If that means it is done at 125k – fine. You can (and should) edit later, but you can’t get to that phase without finishing.

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    1. Thank you! Yeah, for the most part it’s a lot easier to concentrate when nobody is around. I’d never heard about streaming writing before, but it sounds interesting! I also agree about the word count, I think it will just come to a conclusion naturally when the time is right, regardless of how many words there are. Thanks for reading and commenting! : )


  5. Your photo prompts are fun, may I steal that idea, and make a photo prompts folder on my phone? That river looks ready to burst btw!

    Writer’s block is real, creativity takes strength and you need to be healthy, sleep, avoid stress etc. Take care of yourself. I find I really can’t think to create or function if I’m too sleep deprived.


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