A Centuplicate Celebration!

So after my last post, while I was looking at my page, I saw that the follower count had just risen up to 100! Wow. I was very, very surprised, in a good way.

I just wanted to make a little post to say THANK YOU! to everyone who has followed, or liked any of my posts, and I’ll be back to having a more writing-related post at the end of the week like normal.

I made this page thinking it would be like a diary, sort of taking notes about what it was like to write a story for the first time. I honestly didn’t think that anybody would be interested in reading it, at all. I didn’t really think I had much worth saying, so I didn’t think it would be worth reading either! That’s why it’s been such a massive and pleasant surprise to see that number 100. I know that it can be disheartening to focus on the numbers too much, or to compare your stats to others’, but at the same time it’s nice to celebrate a bit when something good happens!

I’m very much a beginner at all of these things, not just creative writing, but also website and blog writing too. I often get lost within the settings of the blog site, and every single time I make a post I convince myself nobody will read it. Only two weeks ago, I uploaded a post, but put the wrong date on it by accident, so it looked like it was written months earlier! But despite all that, I’ve really had a lot of fun with this, and I’m going to keep doing posts, even if I’ll probably make mistakes with them!

Since I was so excited about this, we celebrated by having some French onion soup for dinner, as a treat.

It might not be the prettiest, or the neatest thing in terms of presentation, but it’s certainly delicious! Every time we have it, I always think the best word to describe the taste is ‘Luxurious’.

My husband also came home with a box of ‘Gwee-lins’, as I call them, which are the only chocolates that I really like. So my stomach has been very happy today!

Apart from the soup, and chocolate, I also am going to do something else in celebration. A kind of silly challenge idea, but hopefully it’ll be fun, and a test of memory at the same time.

I’m going to see if I can remember and list 100 of my favourite things (mostly entertainment related), since it’s all about the number 100 today! It should hopefully stretch my brain, since I’m not allowed any hints. It might be a bit daft, but I just want to do something ‘100’ themed, to say Thank You again to everyone that followed or liked!

100 Favourite Things Challenge!

So… In no particular order, to start off with an easy one,

0.) The Guilin Kid From Shenmue 2: Possibly the finest voice acting ever recorded. For months now I’ve been working on my impression of this kid.

1.) Red Bird Gumi and Friends: This little red bird is famed for its strange laughing noise. It’s just delightful and adorable.

2.) French Onion Soup: Just so nice. And it tastes expensive and fancy.

3.) Far Cry 4: One of my absolute favourite games, reminds me of being 13 again.

4.) Cross Stitching: Such a relaxing craft, and it turns out lovely when finished.

5.) Baileys: The only alcohol that I like. I think it’s the creaminess.

6.) Old Gregg: Hilarious character from The Mighty Boosh, he loves Baileys too.

7.) Bad X Factor Auditions: Never fail to make me hysterical with laughter.

8.) Pepsi Max: The best tasting fizzy drink, In my opinion.

9.) Lidl: The store that gives me so much inspiration, I still don’t know why.

10.) Skyrim: I’ve spent over 500 hours playing this game. I hope for another 500 more.

Well, that’s the first 10 done, not too bad so far, just 90 to go!

11.) Spider-Man 2: Probably my joint favourite film of all time!

12.) LOTR Return of the King: Other joint film of all time!

13.) The Room: Completes the holy trinity of my favourite films ever.

14.) Tommy Wiseau: An inspiration.

15.) Seventeen: The favourite band of my current books’ main character.

16.) TWICE: My main characters’ other favourite band. My own favourite girl group.

17.) Wrapping Presents: I would love to just wrap gifts all day long. Like an elf.

18.) Curling Ribbons: This goes along with the wrapping, so much fun.

19.) Horizon Zero Dawn: Rebooted my passion for games (and EDM music) after a long break.

20.) Let Me Go – Alok: I listened to this song while playing Horizon Zero Dawn. Instant favourite. It’s also compatible with one of the greatest choreographies of all time.

This is quite fun actually, but still 80 left…

21.) Taemin – Criminal: Wonderful song, & one of the best dance routines ever made.

22.) Taemin: Greatest dancer of all time. Also a brilliant singer, and definitely my favourite celebrity.

23.) Crisps: Favourite snack food. I must have the opposite of a sweet tooth.

24.) Horses: Used to have one a long time ago, he was a very nice beast. Like a dog, but bigger.

25.) SHINee: My favourite band. Absolute legends, so many good songs, they could probably have their own one of these lists!

26.) EXO: Other favourite band, they could also probably have their own list. It’s hard to keep this brief!

27.) VIXX: 3rd favourite band. 2nd best at dancing thanks to the leader, N. That’s probably enough bands right now, I’ll try to think of something else. Lol.

28.) Battlefield Earth: So funny that I struggled to breathe throughout the entire running time. Also inspired my first ever poem, so I’m fond of it.

29.) Chicken Salad or Mayo Sandwiches: Chicken Mayo is best from Co-Op, or ASDA, but Chicken Salad is best from Tesco. I’ve done extensive research. Kind of.

30.) Writing: A bit obvious maybe, but it’s a great hobby, and I’m strangely proud of the little worlds I’ve come up with, even when I doubt their quality sometimes.

It’s really hard to keep each entry short!

31.) Snow: So pretty it’s worth the cold sting.

32.) Cleaning the Bathroom: Polishing the sink and taps is beyond satisfying.

33.) Monster Energy Drinks: But only when I’ve got a migraine, it’s the best cure.

34.) Kay’s Cooking: Culinary genius, and a real joy to watch.

35.) Big Lee: Kay’s son, and vlogger. The only one I like watching.

36.) TCAP: One of the greatest TV shows ever. Chris Hansen is a legend.

37.) Galantis: Favourite EDM group, some of the most emotional and beautiful music out there.

38.) Mixing Music with Video Games: I can remember the playlist that I used to bond with every single one of my favourite games.

39.) New York Vocal Coaching: Justin Stoney is one of the happiest people I’ve ever seen. He’s awesome.

40.) Singing: Very bad at it, but that doesn’t stop me!

Getting harder now!

41.) Spider-Man 3: Both ironically, and unironically love this. I can quote almost the whole movie. Bully Maguire is an icon.

42.) Reviewing Things: Movies, music, games, food, anything really. I think I just like talking too much.

43.) Shopping: So exciting, even when I don’t buy anything.

44.) Clothes: And shoes. And bags. And earrings.

45.) Charity Shops: The reason that I can have so many clothes, cause they’re all second hand prices! It’s amazing what you can find in there.

46.) Vue Cinema Carlisle: It’s 100 miles away from my house. But it’s worth the travel, really good cinema, very clean, and massive screens. It has a good vibe.

47.) Premier Inn Hotels: Again, they have a good vibe. Maybe it’s because they’re very purple.

48.) Red Dragon: My favourite book. I used to get a lot of funny looks while reading it in public!

49.) Cars: The ultimate goal is a green Lamborghini Aventador, but I think it could be a while.

50.) SHINee- Juliette: I said no more music for a while, but this song is just too good.

Halfway there!

51.) Digging: Last year I dug out and riddled two tonne bags-full of stones out of my garden. It was addictive.

52.) The Witcher 3: Love how long this game is. Everything about it is great. One of the best playlists I have was for this game.

53.) Organising Socks: Finding the pairs and rolling them up is fun.

54.) Kimbap: I usually make it with beef, kimchi, carrot, and soy sauce shiitake mushrooms.

55.) Microsoft Word: It’s very convenient and has a lot of fun features.

56.) Corn Silk Tea: Had this in Korea, it was magical, but I can’t buy it here!

57.) Having Glasses: It’s nice to be able to read with my left eye again! Plus, Baekhyun from EXO has similar ones to me.

58.) Taking Photos: One of my favourite activities. So relaxing and enjoyable.

59.) Small Villages: Great for photographs, and great for walking around.

60.) Winter Weather: It’s the prettiest for pictures, I think.

This is really hard now! I’ll push through.

61.) Zelda: Ocarina of Time: First ever game I played, at 5 years old. Life changing.

62.) Dancing: Like singing, not great at it, but it’s still one of my biggest passions.

63.) Sewing Needles: Thin and sharp is best for cross stitch, it can really affect the finished product.

64.) Real Estate websites: I’m not buying a house, but it’s good fun to look at them online.

65.) Valiant – Next To Me: The ending theme of my second book idea, very emotional song.

66.) Galantis – Holy Water: The main theme of my second book idea, very beautiful song.

67.) Se7en: One of my favourite movies. Maybe the best ending to a film.

68.) Rapsittie Street Kids Believe In Santa: Unchallenged worst animated film of all time. Not sure humans can create something worse than this.

69.) Star Wars: I love it all, but the prequels are special to me.

70.) Revenge of the Sith: My favourite Star Wars movie. Please don’t kill me.

Getting closer…

71.) Superheroes: They’re often great and inspirational characters. Also, I have created one of my own, for a different book idea.

72.) Dogs: Used to have one (Shadow), he was a good dog, very loving. Always knew if you were talking about him.

73.) Cats: Also used to have one (Clarkson). Had a crooked meow which I often try to mimic even now! Very sweet cat.

74.) The Wok Inn: The best takeout where I live. Their garlic beef is divine.

75.) Zelda Twilight Princess: Beautiful and fun game, one of the best. Must’ve played it over 10 times.

76.) Okami: Stunningly gorgeous game, with a quirky story.

77.) Bus Journeys: Good for coming up with ideas.

78.) Hangul: The Korean alphabet is beautiful to write and easy to learn.

79.) Key – Bad Love: Could be the song of the year. That this wasn’t nominated for best solo is criminal.

80.) Stirling: Went on holiday this year, such a nice city.

Really struggling now but so close!

81.) Alva: Most picturesque village, we went to the glen and it felt like I was in a fantasy film.

82.) Nicolas Cage: Tied with Tommy Wiseau as the greatest actor of all time.

83.) Vampire’s Kiss: I can’t believe this came before American Psycho.

84.) American Psycho Business Card Scene: The most painfully accurate depiction of business people.

85.) Seventeen – Healing: The ending theme for my current book idea.

86.) Kai’s Solo Career: EXO member Kai has had like 4 mind blowing songs now, I feel strangely proud.

87.) Cooking: Probably not too great at it, but I adore cooking.

88.) Walking: Relaxing and puts you in a good mood.

89.) Zelda Skyward Sword: A touching story and brilliant game.

90.) Taemin – Move: Probably the greatest choreography ever created.

Nearly there!

91.) Link: My favourite game character.

92.) Friday Night Dinner: My favourite TV comedy. Jim & Martin are some of the best comedy characters I’ve seen.

93.) David Brent: Also one of the best comedy characters ever written.

94.) The Jeremy Kyle Show: Can’t get enough of the screaming and shouting.

95.) Having a Blog: It’s only been a few months, but I’m loving it.

96.) Christmas: This one is very timely, but I just love Christmas so much.

97.) Freeze Frames: Specifically, Spider-Man 2, after the ‘Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head’ scene.

98.)  Wherever You Go – Alok: The theme for the horse character in my second book idea. Such an emotional song.

99.) My ideas: Not because I think they’re great, but because I feel like I’ve achieved something just by creating them, even if they don’t go anywhere, or if they’re seen as awful. My favourite one changes all the time, but at the moment I feel a really strong fondness for the second one, with the horse.

100.) Zelda – Majora’s Mask: In my opinion, the greatest video game ever made, and probably one of the best pieces of media overall. The most emotionally touching story I’ve ever seen.

Wow. I did it! It was a lot harder than it sounds, and it took me just over 2hrs and 30 minutes! I’m sure I forgot a lot of things that I like, and they’re all out of order, still, it was actually quite fun, and I definitely feel like my brain has been tested. It kind of hurts now, but it was worth it! I would’ve put my husband on the list, but it felt kind of rude to call him a thing, so he can get a shout out at the end instead!

Photo Prompt!

So this tiny snail moved in to my kitchen. I tried to put him back outside in the wild, but he was completely stuck there, so he gets to stay. Why did a snail move in? Why did it choose to stay right above my kitchen radiator? I’m not sure…


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11 thoughts on “A Centuplicate Celebration!

  1. Wow (x100) Well done getting so many followers. Loved reading your list. Lots of inspiration on there. Some things I definitely agree with you. Horses are like giant dogs! And Taemins dancing is perfection, and kimbap is yummy… Great post.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Congratulations. And that French Onion soup looks delish. Delish, delish, delish… I love the way you celebrated you 100+ followers with a list of your 100 favourite things. Mind you, once you reach 1000, it’ll be quite the challenge! I look forward to that moment! I’m still at the 100+ mark myself, my blog being ever so slightly and permanently niche. Good luck on all your future endeavours!


  3. I think you write wonderfully. I don’t believe that a person should be self conscious about their writing because, at least for me, writing is the only way I can express what is directly in my heart. My heart is very much “imperfect” by the standards of the society. I’ve read the writing of many people starting out. Some write very bland things or overly worked material because they are so focused on grammar and other things as well as not being able to allow their heart to do the writing. The best writing comes from the heart. It expresses you. I can see you in everything you wrote within this post. Even your self consciousness is expressing you. We all have those filters that we have to break through to get to the depths of who we are and to be able to express who we truly are. Some great writers have done this, possibly only once or twice in the books they write. Sometimes success causes them to no longer write from the heart simply because they are no longer feeling the passion they felt when they were “lacking” in life.

    Some call it the process of suffering for art. The battle to bring forth the warmth of the heart into the coldness of the current state of the physical world, in a place where humans are still coming to understand the conscious awareness that they have been given, looking around and wondering what is going on around them, some people, like Albert Camus, see the absurdity of what is going on around them.

    One could look at some American authors back when there were great writers from this country, such as John Steinbeck, Jack London and William Faulkner, all who didn’t adhere to the English standards of writing and, through breaking the rules, brought about writing that could connect to the hearts of others, inspiring many and angering others.

    The heart is pure no matter the acts one has committed in this life. Yes, their acts may have tarnished their reputation in the eyes of those who live by the standards of the society, but many times those so called acts are simply expressions of the pain that resides within them as they face a world filled with desperation and despair, combined with their own illusions they have created in their minds which make it possible for them to live under such conditions.

    As I said, writing is the only direct way of communicating from the heart, but first one has to be willing to be vulnerable and allow their hearts to be seen. In most cases, this comes with great anxiety at first because, since we don’t live our entire lives through our hearts as we should but instead live in a reality that actually seeks to repress the heart, thus the battle ensues when one comes to attempt to truly express themselves from the heart. I believe that most every person desires to express themselves from their hearts but they have been mocked and hurt from doing so, causing them to put up defenses making it even more difficult to express themselves from their hearts, thus allowing the world at large to win, taking away the thing of greatest value in every life, their own humanity, becoming machines which benefits the society more than their expressions from the heart. They heart has become valueless to them while money and material comforts become their main focus in life, as well as their status in the eyes of others.

    Writing is the one last freedom that each of us as individuals have where we can express our true selves. In this time there is great pressure to neglect the needs of the heart in exchange for other things, thus writing can seem daunting and even cause a person anxiety. This too is completely absurd since, as I see it, our true purpose in this life is to express our hearts, which are the sole connection to universal consciousness as a whole. When we express ourselves from our hearts, we are actually expressing what the universe as a whole as given us to express. We are beings of expression in a worlds that fights against expression, exchanging it for production.

    Just a few thoughts from a fool in life.


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