First Ever Poem Attempt for National Poetry Day!

Technically when I post this, National Poetry Day will have been yesterday, but I only found out that there was such a thing a few hours ago. To be honest, I know absolutely nothing about the rules of poetry, it’s not something I’ve ever tried, so I didn’t really know where to begin. It was only today that I learned that they don’t always have to rhyme. As someone who wants to write though, I thought I should at least have a go, and I had just watched something this very evening that would be a very appealing subject to me.

I felt like an Acrostic poem was the most inviting choice. The simple and clear rules were a comforting guideline for someone like me who would fumble around with word choices for hours if I didn’t have any restrictions. Here goes.

Being trained to conquer galaxies
As man-animals become endangered,
Terl is the greatest character in cinema.
The others are hilarious also,
Laughable acting is aplenty and 
Evil cackling repeats often.
Fort Knox makes an appearance 
Inside it untouched gold bars are found,
Easily stolen by the man-animals.
Limbs are blown off without reaction,
Damage seems to not affect the Psychlos.

Even though they can talk
Ape noises are made by the men.
Rats were once force fed to them,
Though thanks to the learning machine 
Humans regain their freedom in this spectacular film.

Given my site title, The World’s Worst Writer, I felt it was fitting to make something about one of the world’s worst (but also best) films. I absolutely adore terrible things; movies, books, music, art, and even my own terrible works. So while this might be strange or awful, I certainly enjoyed writing it, and had much more fun with poetry than I expected I would. I’m actually looking forward to next year’s National Poetry Day, and I’m sure I can find an even wackier subject by then!


Published by Wryter Worldsworst

Young writer, totally unqualified, possibly awful.

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