Losing A Laptop

Last month I posted about the stress of one of my ancient old laptops finally giving up on me. I was left with one more, which had a few working keys, but shuts down at random times without warning.

However, exactly 2 months since I started writing my book, just as I crossed over 7000 words, my last laptop shut itself off, but this time accompanied by a screen that read FATAL SYSTEM ERROR! I nearly fainted on the spot, knowing nothing about technology, any time I see a black screen with the white text that looks like code on it I panic. This time though the panic was well warranted, and the computer was completely dead.

Thankfully, I had learned my lesson from the last time, and had been backing everything up to a hard drive, narrowly avoiding another £90 for a data recovery.

Having finally been on a roll and writing consistantly every day, I didn’t want to break that streak and decided to get myself a new computer for the first time ever. My husband knows a lot more about these things than I do, so he helped me choose one by the specs instead of just picking the one that was the nicest colour. (Rose gold by the way)

Amazingly PC world offered free next day delivery, so I didn’t have to wait long. A few of the reviews had mentioned it being hard to set up, so as someone whose last desktop computer still used Windows XP, and whose laptops had been over 10 years old, I was apprehensive. To my amazement though, it spoke! The voice was called a Cortana, which I had never heard of, but it made the setting up very easy. I didn’t realize that desktops were able talk now, or that it could do other futuristic things like linking with my mobile phone and making calls.

So far, it’s worked really well, loading times are lightning fast compared to the 30 seconds it took my old one to click on a photo. The screen is fantastic too, in fact it’s all screen, there’s no big bulky tower thing like I remember having before. It was all so exciting that I spent a whole day just playing around on it.

When I transferred my documents over to actually go back to writing, I was very shocked to see Microsoft Word looks totally different now, I’m sure I’ll get used to it but it’s jarring to see it all sleek and silver now instead of the old blue. Perhaps it’s been like that for a while now and I’m just out of touch! Anyway, I’m certain adapting to the new Word will provide plenty of options for procrastination when I need them, Gratefully, I’ve been able to resume my progress without too much upheaval, aside from a massive wolf spider that prevented me from using the room for a day.

New Word Count: 7799


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