Sorting out a Sleep Schedule

Since recently relying on coffee to keep myself going throughout the days, I have been unable to feel tiredness at any time before 2:00 AM. I was getting a lot of writing done, but the tiredness was starting to outweigh that benefit.

After a week of this, I knew I had to reset the cycle. I tried a few different things at first, like no screens in the evening, and absolutely no caffeine, but nothing seemed to help.

Yesterday I thought I needed to do something a bit more drastic. I decided to try sleeping pills. Strong ones. I took them early in the evening, and by my flawed logic, they would surely wear off in time for a bright early morning start. No, definitely not, and I was knocked out till 11:00 AM. Even then they hadn’t worn off and I was useless all day. Still, at dinner time right now, I don’t even have the energy to eat.

Today I felt as healthy as this water looks.

I’m not sure if this is the normal reaction but I feel like I’ve had the flu! Sore throat, fatigue, and aching bones have been constant since I woke up, although it kind of feels like I’m still asleep. The most unexpected side effect though were the nightmares. I never usually have them, but last night they were awful, being kidnapped, then trapped inside a horror movie, it was so strange. I can safely say I won’t be trying those tables again.

I was thoroughly unsuccessful at writing today. Through shaky fingers I managed to get the laptop set up, but all my ideas got lost in my foggy mind before I could type them out. I tried to focus for an hour but I couldn’t wake myself up enough. I felt pretty guilty about it, after all it was my own silly idea that made me so exhausted.

Despite this mistake, at least I know that whatever happens tomorrow I will feel better than I did today! And will definitely get more done.


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3 thoughts on “Sorting out a Sleep Schedule

  1. Hey, at least you tried. I myself used to have trouble sleeping, and I sorted my schedule by getting up at 0630 regardless. As they say, it’s much easier to wake up when you’re tired than to sleep when you’re not. Anyway, wishing you all the best with your sleep!

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