Friday 10th September 2021

Today I started writing the same way I usually do, by procrastinating till late afternoon. I had some coffee to force myself into gear, and after wearing most of it off with 2 hours of arm exercises and some very loud music, I was finally in a good mood to write.

After waiting for the laptop to finish beeping at me, I reread my previous chapters, which is what I always do to get back into the story. It also ensures that I keep checking for things that can be improved.

Sometimes I don’t do much more than rereading and editing the first chapters in a day, but today I managed around 2000 words. I’m sure they won’t all be staying as they are after rereading, but hopefully most of them are good. I thought I must have nearly finished the whole 3rd chapter, but when I checked my planning I had only covered one bullet point out of 7, so I still have so much to go.

Something I definitely struggle with is knowing how short a chapter is supposed to be, probably down to my severe lack of experience. I often think I must be making them far too short, but I can’t really tell sometimes. I must have gotten far too into it, as tonight I am still writing at 2:55 AM, so I shall probably be completely knocked out tomorrow. Still, totally worth it!


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