Up Till Now ~ (Part 2)

Around the time that I finished the second chapter, my husband and I took a trip for our anniversary. I certainly didn’t get any writing done that week, I was far too distracted looking at the scenery, but I guess that’s ok while on holiday.

After we got back home, I wanted to show my husband my idea, and the very moment I was about to, the laptop finally gave up. We spent hours trying to get it back on with no luck. I had no backups, and had lost all of my pictures, music, and the start of my book. My only hope was to get a data recovery service at PC world, but they warned me there was a chance that not everything could be recovered.

It was only 10 days to wait for the results but it felt like much longer, and writing progress had slowed to a halt. I now couldn’t reread what I had already done, so any new work felt like it wouldn’t fit together well. I was lucky to write 50 words a day and all the worrying had killed my motivation.

Thankfully though, the data recovery had gone really well, and I got everything back, although the laptop still won’t turn on. I’m now stuck with the other one that has some keys working, and crashes at random, but I’m just glad to be writing again. That was last week, and since then I’ve made a small start to Chapter 3, hopefully there are no more disasters like that from now on!

Word Count: 4510


Published by Wryter Worldsworst

Young writer, totally unqualified, possibly awful.

2 thoughts on “Up Till Now ~ (Part 2)

  1. So glad you recovered your data. What a nightmare wait!

    Your photographs are gorgeous btw. Especially like the Kelpies reflected in the water.


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