About Me


Hi! I’m a 21 year old writer (hopefully) from the UK and last July I decided to finally have a real go at writing a novel. When I was 11 or 12 I liked the thought of writing, I used to come up with stories, often about my pets, till eventually I had a notebook with around 60 ideas for books.

At high school though, creative writing wasn’t part of my English classes and some of my teachers were quite discouraging about it, so after years of nothing but essays I lost the desire to write for a long while. After dropping out of school, it took around 4 years for me to get the confidence to go back to my ideas. They need plenty of improvement, but I feel passionate about them and I don’t want to give up on writing ever again!

Although this blog is mostly about writing, I am also the worlds worst in; music, dancing, games and photography, so these things might show up sometimes too. This is why there are so many random photos around. Hopefully they’ll brighten the pages up.