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And maybe some other things too.

  • A Modest Milestone
    Well, it’s been three months exactly since I decided to write a book. Originally, I told myself to finish it within a month. I thought since I knew where I wanted the story to go, it should be really easy to get it all out on the page within that amount of time. That wasContinue reading “A Modest Milestone”
  • First Ever Poem Attempt for National Poetry Day!
    Technically when I post this, National Poetry Day will have been yesterday, but I only found out that there was such a thing a few hours ago. To be honest, I know absolutely nothing about the rules of poetry, it’s not something I’ve ever tried, so I didn’t really know where to begin. It wasContinue reading “First Ever Poem Attempt for National Poetry Day!”
  • An Eventful Outing
    As a celebration for recently reaching 10,000 words in my book, and to try and keep getting out of the house more, my husband and I treated ourselves to a day out at the cinema and the shops. However, the only cinema we can get to within the day is in a city just overContinue reading “An Eventful Outing”
  • Changed by a Chicken
    This Monday afternoon, as my husband brought home the shopping and placed the whole, raw chicken that I’d asked for in front of me, I felt a shiver coming on. Cutting up? Butchering? There really isn’t a nice way to describe the fowl process of seperating the bird into parts, it’s by far the worstContinue reading “Changed by a Chicken”
  • Losing A Laptop
    Last month I posted about the stress of one of my ancient old laptops finally giving up on me. I was left with one more, which had a few working keys, but shuts down at random times without warning. However, exactly 2 months since I started writing my book, just as I crossed over 7000Continue reading “Losing A Laptop”

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